A conference that travels – Travel manual

This conference is organized by a consortium of universities in Stockholm. Therefore, the conference moves to a new campus each day in order to offer the participants the chance to view and enjoy the characteristics of the contributing universities. 

This means that you will be travelling to different parts of Stockholm during your stay in June. We wish to make this as easy and comfortable as possible. We have put together a travel manual for you, one page presents the campus and possible travel alternatives for each day. Have a look and rest assured, you will find your way to the campuses of the universities! 

Travel manual for downloading

14 June - PhD Day

University College Stockholm

This day is an optional additional day for early career researchers, doctoral and masters students. It is held at University College Stockholm just outside of the city. All participants are invited to an earlier start at 8:00am when registrations open (you will not have to come early the next day for this) and find a seat in time for the welcoming session that will begin 9:00 pm.

How to get there 

Take the subway (only the green line) from a subway station nearby or from Stockholm City. Take the subway train going to ‘Hässelby Strand’ or ‘Åkeshov’ but get off at Brommaplan. From there it is a 10 min walk to the University College Stockholm/Enskilda högskolan Stockholm at Åkeshovsvägen 29.

You can use the map function below to help guide you from wherever you are to the University.

15 June - Day 1

Marie Cederschiöld University

Day one is hosted at Marie Cederschiöld University and Ersta konferens with a beautiful panoramic view of Stockholm. This is the first day of the conference which means that you are invited to an earlier start with registrations opening at 8am.  

At 8:50 you are encouraged to have found a seat for the first plenary session at the conference, listening to two of our esteemed speakers: Azza Karam and Carlton Waterhouse. 

How to get there 

Take the green or red line to the station “Slussen”. Follow the signs to “Slussen terminalen/Katarinavägen. From here there’s a 10 min walk to Ersta Konferens (see Google maps). 

You can also take Bus 2 towards Sofia to the station Ersta sjukhus and walk the last 100 m. 

You can use the map function below to help guide you from wherever you are to Ersta Conference.

Day one – Reception at City Hall
(for booked participants)

After the first conference day at Marie Cederschiöld and Ersta Conference we have invited participants to sign up for attending the reception at City Hall. Dinner will be served here for those who have replied ‘Yes’ to attending in their registration.

How to get there

By foot: Those who have been longing to stretch their legs during the day are welcome to take a lovely walk to City Hall. The promenade takes 40 minutes and you walk along the water the entire way with views over Stockholm.

By bus: Walk from Ersta Conference to the bus station ‘Tjärhovsplan’ (see the picture below). Take the blue Bus 3 towards ‘Karolinska sjukhuset’. Get off at the station ‘Stadshuset’ (City Hall) and from there you will have the City Hall right in front of you.

16 June - Day 2

Södertörn university

Day two is hosted at Södertörn University, just outside of the city. As Day One we invite you to arrive with a comfortable time margin to find your way, chat a while and find a seat at around 8:50, ready for the first plenary session of the day. 

How to get there 

Take the commuter train (also called SL-train) from a station close to where you are staying: Perhaps Stockholm City station, Stockholm Odenplan or Stockholm Södra.

Take the train heading to ‘Södertälje Centrum’ or ‘Tumba’ and get off at the station called ‘Flemingsberg’ (25min).

Walk up from the station following signs with ‘Flemingsberg Södertörns Högskola’. Signs and student ambassadors will then guide the way. 

17 June - Day 3

Stockholm School of Economics & Swedish Defense University

Day three, the final conference day, begins at Stockholm School of Economics where you will get to experience a building that quite literally portrays its own development over time and that always has a living art gallery in its hallways.  We invite you to take a seat at 8:50, ready for one of the final plenary sessions of the conference to begin.

How to get there 

There are two ways to get to Stockholm School of Economics:

Alt 1.
Take the commuter train or the subway (green line) to the station ‘Stockholm Odenplan’. Walk up from the station following signs with ‘Odenplan’. Walk from there (5min), following the map (Fig 2) below.

Alt 2.
Take the subway (green line) to the station ‘Rådmansgatan’. Walk up from the station following signs with ‘Rådmansgatan’. Walk from there (1min walk). 

You can use the map functions below to help guide you from wherever you are to the Universities.

From Stockholm School of Economics to Swedish Defense University 

We combine the lunch break with a 25min lunch walk to the Swedish Defense University, where we end the conference with the final parallel sessions and plenary session.