Welcome to the 28th annual ISDRS Conference:


June 15-17 2022, Stockholm & online

Conference Proceedings ISDRS 2022

Note! A correct version of the conference proceeding is now available for download. 

We are pleased to announce that the proceedings from the ISDRS conference in Stockholm this summer have been published. This document constitutes the published Proceedings of the conference. The volume contains abstracts, full papers and posters accepted after a rigid review process. They were selected for publication in the proceedings after a double-blind review process consisting of two stages, starting with a review and acceptance of an abstract for either oral or poster presentation, and further the opportunity to submit a full paper which was again peer reviewed with a record-large double blind review process.

Authors of abstracts, posters and full papers are searchable in the PDF reader of your choice, such as any keywords of your choice. This kind of publication will most likely remain as an electronic version, never printed out fully in a paper copy of 1700+ pages, and therefore, the most powerful tool of finding texts from ISDRS 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden, is by using the search tool on your computer or electronic device.

Editors for the proceedings are Peter Dobers, Malin Gawell, Johan Gärde, Stefan Silfverskiöld 

Please do not attempt to print the whole of this document, since it contains over 1700 pages. To download the document, follow the link below to DiVA

Conference hosts and special topic

Hosts for the conference 2022 was a consortium of six universities based in Stockholm: Marie Cederschiöld University, Stockholm School of Economics, Swedish Defence University, Stockholm University of the Arts, Södertörn University and University College Stockholm

The conference special topic was the cultural dimensions of sustainability based on four keywords: culture, art, human rights and courage. Sustainable development is often referred to by mentioning the ecological, economic and social dimensions of sustainable development. Cultural issues are often brought forward as a widespread suggestion to a fourth dimension, allowing research not only on scientific grounds, but also on artistic grounds.

We came together with a conviction that changes towards a sustainable development need leaders and a leadership that build on courage to break with taken for granted practices and experiences. Not seldom, people leading change are persecuted and human rights are broken.

The conference in Stockholm in 2022 wanted to bring forth knowledge, insights and experience from humanities to enrich and exchange with scholars from natural and social sciences; it wanted to facilitate knowledge exchange between scholars undertaking research based on scientific grounds and scholars undertaking research based on artistic grounds.